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Amy Donaldson

Amy Donaldson creates landscape paintings in a personal style that combines visual and visceral elements of her experiences from life.  Engaging with the world around her gives Donaldson a deeply personal feeling for humanity which accounts for the range and rich texture of her work.  She has been inspired through her faith and travels from places like the devastated, earthquake ravaged Haiti to Berlin, Chicago and New York.  Her eclectic taste in music is also reflected as dynamic, rhythmic patterns and gestural marks in her paintings.   Evident in each restless, vibrant composition is Donaldson’s strong sense of color and feeling for space and light which is achieved by her fusion of crushed, powdered natural pigments with oil paints that are applied in a freely expressive manner.

Using tools other than traditional brushes, she attacks the surface of the canvas in a direct approach that is additive and subtractive—a process one may associate with sculpture as much as with painting.  Her range of expression comprises the appearance of timeworn erosion of an aging city to the seemingly endless atmospheric depth cloaking a horizon in a hazy light. Sometimes elements of graffiti appear, their looping letters cutting through the roughly layered surface like traces of humanity on aging city walls or an ecstatic cry to the heavens splitting the sky. 

She was born and raised in Jacksonville, Florida. Her B.A. in Fine Art from University of North Florida, subsequent to that she attended the Art Students League of New York. Recently she has taught paint workshops to Corporations.  Donaldson has participated in Art Basel Miami, Atlanta's National Juried Exhibition, Museum of Contemporary Art Jacksonville, 6 x 6 Project New York. Her works are in numerous private and public collections. She currently lives and works in Chicago, IL.

"I want my art to inspire people. When someone looks at one of my paintings, I want it to positively impact their life." Amy Donaldson