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Prints Galore

We just received some goodies from Prints Etc. and thought, “What better time is there to feature these awesome prints than now?!”

So here’s a look at the incredible fabric rings that came in today showing off 14 of Prints Etc.’s diverse prints.

Prints Etc. has a wide array of color and fabric offerings that make their prints perfect for any space.


Now for some of our favorites!


“Dharma” in Color 9-29 looks like it was made for a beach house. The cool colors with the natural linen are clean and refreshing, and the pattern even reminds us a bit of a sea anemone!


“Teddy” in Color 11 is like a burst of sunshine courtesy of Jackson Pollock. We love the paint splatter look of this pattern.


If you love all things art deco then you will love “Good Fortune”. The strong lines remind us of the deco movement. Shown here in Color 62, this pattern is available in 20 stock colors.


 ”Compass” is reminiscent of a chain, but has a nautical feeling to it as well. Shown here in Color 9.


This last one is not a trick from your computer screen

 ”Endpapers” looks like lava, tree rings, marble, and Van Gogh’s “Starry Night” all at the same time! It’s incredible! Here’s a closer view of the pattern.

   Shown here in Color 18, ”Endpapers” is sure to mesmorize you.


To see more amazing Prints Etc. patterns stop by a BRADLEY showroom in Atlanta or Chicago. You can find all of our locations here.

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