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This article was written on 18 Jul 2013, and is filed under Amy Donaldson, Art.

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Welcome Amy Donaldson

BRADLEY is pleased to be carrying the colorful works of Amy Donaldson!

A native of Jacksonville, Florida, Amy’s paintings are inspired by her faith, her travels, and her taste in music. Evident in each restless, vibrant composition is Donaldson’s strong sense of color and feeling for space and light which is achieved by her fusion of crushed, powdered natural pigments with oil paints that are applied in a freely expressive manner.

- Check out some of our favorite works from Amy below -

The Dance

Open Your Heart

Tickled PinkTickled Pink

Precious Patience

You can see a few of Amy’s pieces on display in our Atlanta showroom and even more in our Chicago showroom! Here’s one of Amy’s paintings, “Just You and Me”, hanging in our Chicago showroom.

Make sure to swing by when you are looking for a colorful piece of art for your client! You can view more of her work here in our gallery!

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