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Mali Azima

Maheleh "Mali" Azima knows her camera is framed right when she looks through the lens and feels intimate with the subject. She tries to capture energy and connection in her photos. Mali wants the viewer to feel like he is in conversation with the subject, and she wants the photograph to speak to his soul. Mali won grand prize in a photo contest judged by Kodak and American Photo Magazine for photographing the personality of a flower. Her commercial work is seen in high style publications and advertising, and her clients include Neiman Marcus, Veranda, andGQ.

Mali’s large, vibrant photographic prints are mounted to an acrylic front and have hidden wall mounts in the back which allows them to float slightly off of the wall. This method of display intensifies the feeling of the photos and gives them a strong, singular presence.

"This collection is based on the vibrations I feel from nature. The more I am in nature the more I feel its energy all around me, meshing with my own, and working in a higher sense that I do not fully understand. The flower series comes from the gardens of a house I lived in for ten years. There was always a strong feeling of a good presence there. As I learned about the woman who originally built the house and planted the gardens, I saw her as a loving, artistic soul, and I realized why I felt this loving presence in her former home. These flowers come from her plants because to me, her presence is still alive in them." - Mali Azima