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Patrick DeAngelis

The American Midwest, “The rust belt”, is a region where automotive manufacturing and steel production geographically overlap. The region is also a source of inspiration for Patrick DeAngelis. Patrick creates relief paintings assembled from scrap metal and salvaged wood, a nostalgic medium that allows him to reflect on his life growing up in Northeast Ohio. In these assemblage paintings he re-purposes found materials to celebrate their past and communicate the beauty of where he’s from. Patrick studied painting at the New York Academy of Art, and this traditional academic schooling brings a refined aesthetic sensibility to his work. His paintings are assembled in a sculptural manner; he sees the final piece as a painting, an object, a document, and a personal journal.


“I enjoy the irony of the material and its unique history crossing paths with my search for objects with visual qualities that have been dismissed and deemed useless.” - Patrick DeAngelis